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Special Fuller Alumni Print
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Written by Martin Hanoian   
MCA Camp Fuller has been very fortunate to have had many special alumni over the years.  Recently, we have recognized the contributions of some of our loyal alumni by presenting two awards - the Forest E. Dean Philanthropy Award and the Frederic H. Fuller Service Award.
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Creation of the Apache Honor Society Print
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Written by Charles Hanscomb   

Mr. Hanscomb, Mr. Reed, Governor Pastore and Mr. Bank (click to enlarge)Back in 1945 and 1946, Mr. Andy Reed, the Director of Camp Fuller By The Sea YMCA Camp for Boys, was very interested in Indian lore and had Princess Redwing of the Narragansett Indian Tribe of Rhode Island, and Tarzan Brown (the marathon runner) come to camp and present the customs of the local New England tribes. Mr. Reed found out that I had an Indian heritage. My father’s great-grandmother married a member of the Mohawk Tribe in New Hampshire. Needless to say, back in the old days an interracial marriage was not common and that is why the maiden name of my father’s great-grandmother was used (Hanscomb) I had a background in Indian crafts, Indian dancing and etc., prior to being hired as a Counselor at Camp Fuller while I was a student at Cranston High School (since renamed Cranston High School East).

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Apache Honor Socity and the Council Print
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Written by Alex Borts   
I would first like to start by saying I am not an expert on The Apaches. I do, however, have the closest connection to them of the people currently at camp, since I have been at Camp Fuller for the past sixteen summers. I was an Apache Candidate and I am the Head of the Council (the current Honor Society which filled the void left by the disbanding of the Apaches). Though my direct experience with the Apaches was limited, I remember my many interactions with them and especially my involvement in the last Silver Indian chase ever at camp. I am the last of the staff on camp who remember the Apaches as an Honor Society - the keepers and protectors of the camp spirit and traditions.
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Camp Fuller Apache Chiefs Print
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Written by Martin Hanoian   
Here is the list of Apache Chiefs that we have been able to identify so far:
1945 - 1951  Charles Hanscomb (founder and first Apache Chief)
1951 - 1955  William Palmer
1955 - 1957  Robert Sala
1957 - 1959   Bruce Perry
1959 - 1960  Michael Plunkett
1960 - 1961  Thomas Kmiotek
1961 - 1963  David Leslie
1963 - 1964  Peter Gigone
1965 - 1965  ?? Unknown (possibly Peter Gigone?)
1966 - 1967  Bob Shear
1968 - 1968  ?? Unknown
1969 - 1970  John Hirsch
1971 - 1971  Bob Geary
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